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Louis Garneau Montana XT3 Shoe - Men's - Men's
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Some days you feel like going for a nice, relaxing trail ride. Other days call for a brutal, no-mercy hammer-fest. For the former, we recommend the Louis Garneau Montana XT3 Shoe. We also recommend the Montana for the latter. The Montana adapts to the type of riding you want to do with its removable Power Blade feature, which allows you to change the stiffness of the Montana on a whim. It's surprising to find innovation like that in a shoe at this price point. As it turns out, the Montana is full of surprises. The first thing you notice about the Montana XT3 Shoe is its sleek styling and overall tough look. That's partially due to good design and partially due to the durable, high-quality materials used in the Monatana's construction. The synthetic leather upper will stand up to years of abuse, and the extensive labyrinth of open mesh ventilation keeps your foot dry and comfortable. With the stiffening Power Blade removed, the Montana's reinforced nylon T-FLEX outsole allows cooling air to flow into the shoe from underneath, as well. Garneau even uses its proprietary ventilated insoles to help keep your feet cool and dry in warm weather. Montana XT3 Shoes are secured by two hook-and-loop straps and a ratchet strap. The main, decentered, hook-and-loop strap is angled to provide effective heel support and help reduce friction, which causes blisters. The Montana also employs Garneau's HRS-80 heel retention system to the same ends. The smaller strap near the toes fastens to the outside of the foot per usual; it secures the forefoot and allows you to dial in the fit. Garneau made sure that the Montana could never be accused of falling short in the innovative ideas department. Dual-density crampons maximize traction when you're off the bike, and can also be removed if you prefer. A main strap lateral adjustment system allows you to customize the feel of the shoe at the forefoot, and an EVA midsole adds comfort by adding cushion and absorbing vibration. Finall...