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Giordana Mid-Weight Polypropolene Tubular Knit Base Layer - Men's
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We understand that a "base layer" conjures images of snow covered roads and icy noses. However, it's a misconception that base layers only have one season. The Giordana Mid-Weight Polypropolene Tubular Knit Base Layer, is available in three styles in order to suit every season outside the balmiest of summers. A base layer is designed to help regulate your body temperature. It does this by wicking moisture away from the skin towards the outside of the quick-drying fabric. In doing so, your skin stays dry and the chilling effect of air on wet skin is minimized. To achieve this, Giordana utilized a polypropylene and Dryarn blend. The resulting material combines the soft touch of Dryarn with the moisture management of a polymer -- this essentially means that it's part of the plastics family. And while this may sound a bit off putting, you'll be happy to learn that polypropylene is hydrophobic to the point that it's unable to absorb water. And, as a result, it spreads moisture out over a larger surface area, which rapidly accelerates evaporation. So, in short, these fibers ensure that your torso will remain dry, without sacrificing comfort or breathability. In addition to this, the yarn's tubular knit creates a varying density across the shirt that keeps it close to the body, in fact conforming to it like a second skin. The Giordana Mid-Weight Polypropylene Tubular Knit Base Layer is available in the color white and four sizes from Small to X-Large. Additionally, each size is available as either a sleeveless, short sleeve, or long sleeve base layer.