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Alpinestars MTB Bionic Jacket - Men's Alpinestars MTB Bionic Jacket - Men's

We aren't going to lie, body armor isn't the most comfortable type of clothing in the world. Ask anybody who rides with armor, however. They'll tell you that they won't ride without it. No matter how uncomfortable your armor is, a visit to the ER is more expensive and a whole lot less comfortable...

Price: $249.95

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Assos fuguJack Jacket - Men's Assos fuguJack Jacket - Men's

If you refuse to let below-freezing temperatures relegate you to the trainer, yet you grow weary of stacking layers upon layers, the Assos fuguJack Jacket makes riding in the bitter cold seem like any other balmy training day. Hold the Assos FuguJack in your hands and its purpose becomes clear --...

Price: $648.95

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Assos iJ.bonka Mille Jacket - Men's Assos iJ.bonka Mille Jacket - Men's

The Assos airJack was the jacket that changed the rule book for cycling apparel. Combining a windproof front panel with an exact fit, the airJack was a weatherproof masterpiece that skewed the line between jersey and jacket. Well, times have changed, the competition has gotten smarter, and Assos...

Price: $558.95

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Assos iJ.bonkaCENTO.6 Jacket - Men's Assos iJ.bonkaCENTO.6 Jacket - Men's

The Assos iJ. bonkaCENTO Jacket highlights the commitment the Swiss apparel maker has to providing top notch racing apparel, even when the temperatures drop. It's similar to the bonkaMILLE in the evolution of the airJack, except the CENTO leaves room for much more than a tight base layer...

Price: $558.95

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Assos iJ.shaqUno Jacket - Men's Assos iJ.shaqUno Jacket - Men's

For more than 10 years, Assos has been the proud sponsor of the Swiss Cycling Federation. And in this time, it's taken the responsibility of supporting the development of burgeoning young cyclists. As a result, Assos' Uno line of jackets was born. According to Assos, this line creates a "welcome,...

Price: $358.95

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Assos iJ.tiburu.4 Jacket - Men's Assos iJ.tiburu.4 Jacket - Men's

Our first full-zip long sleeve jersey was made by Assos. It was a closeout, and we felt pretty savvy for the purchase. But, expectantly, the top lasted and lasted. It was our go-to long sleeve jersey for a decade, and a few years in, we realized that the jersey would've been a bargain at any...

Price: $268.95

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Assos sJ.blitzFeder Jacket - Men's Assos sJ.blitzFeder Jacket - Men's

The rule used to be, start with the shell on, but take it off after warming up and before you start sweating. The rule can now be broken, thanks to the Assos SJ. BlitzFeder Long Sleeve Shell. The fear was that once you started sweating, the shell wouldn't breathe, and your baselayer and jersey...

Price: $228.95

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Assos sJ.climaSchutz Jacket - Men's Assos sJ.climaSchutz Jacket - Men's

Assos has a healthy skepticism for rain jackets. Simply put, the people in Switzerland believe that if you're riding hard in a light rain, chances are good that you'll overheat and get sweaty in a sealed rain jacket. Their solution is the sJ. climaSchutz Long Sleeve Shell. This is a light, thin,...

Price: $308.95

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Capo Padrone Thermal Jacket - Men's Capo Padrone Thermal Jacket - Men's

There's no room for bulky jackets in road racing. However, that doesn't mean that you need to suffer through every lap of your next cold race. This is where the Capo Padrone Thermal Jacket comes in. With a cut and density more in tune with a long sleeve jersey, the Padrone provides a level of...

Price: $279.95
Sale Price: $139.98

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Capo Piancavallo Wind Jacket - Men's Capo Piancavallo Wind Jacket - Men's

As cyclists, we're all guilty of imagining steep mountain passes as solely warm and sunny tests of our grit and determination. However, the laws of science tells us that the high places get high levels of snow and terrible lows of cold. So, it's only fitting that Capo presents both sides of the...

Price: $199.95
Sale Price: $79.98

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