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2XU Wind Break 180 Jacket - Men's - Men's 2XU Wind Break 180 Jacket - Men's - Men's

Before the roads are coated in sleet and ice and the sun still shines, you need to be warm but not overheat. The 2XU Wind Break 180 Cycle Jacket makes cool weather cycling a less cumbersome affair. Using 2XU's flexible 10:10 XStretch membrane for the front panel, the Wind Break 180 shields you...

Price: $169.95
Sale Price: $84.97

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2XU X Lite Membrane Jacket - Men's - Men's 2XU X Lite Membrane Jacket - Men's - Men's

The 2XU Men's X-Lite Membrane Jacket eliminates bulk and weight while providing the weather protection that you need during intense cardio in less-than-perfect weather. The X-Lite was constructed from X-Lite membrane. It's water-resistant, which means that while it can withstand a mild drizzle,...

Price: $149.95
Sale Price: $74.97

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Alpinestars MTB Bionic Jacket - Men's Alpinestars MTB Bionic Jacket - Men's

We aren't going to lie, body armor isn't the most comfortable type of clothing in the world. Ask anybody who rides with armor, however. They'll tell you that they won't ride without it. No matter how uncomfortable your armor is, a visit to the ER is more expensive and a whole lot less comfortable...

Price: $249.95

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Assos fuguJack Jacket - Men's Assos fuguJack Jacket - Men's

If you refuse to let below-freezing temperatures relegate you to the trainer, yet you grow weary of stacking layers upon layers, the Assos fuguJack Jacket makes riding in the bitter cold seem like any other balmy training day. Hold the Assos FuguJack in your hands and its purpose becomes clear --...

Price: $648.95

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Assos iJ.bonka Mille Jacket - Men's Assos iJ.bonka Mille Jacket - Men's

The Assos airJack was the jacket that changed the rule book for cycling apparel. Combining a windproof front panel with an exact fit, the airJack was a weatherproof masterpiece that skewed the line between jersey and jacket. Well, times have changed, the competition has gotten smarter, and Assos...

Price: $558.95

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Assos iJ.bonkaCENTO.6 Jacket - Men's Assos iJ.bonkaCENTO.6 Jacket - Men's

The Assos iJ. bonkaCENTO Jacket highlights the commitment the Swiss apparel maker has to providing top notch racing apparel, even when the temperatures drop. It's similar to the bonkaMILLE in the evolution of the airJack, except the CENTO leaves room for much more than a tight base layer...

Price: $558.95

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Assos iJ.haBu.5 Jacket - Men's - Men's Assos iJ.haBu.5 Jacket - Men's - Men's

There's a breaking point when the weather gets cold enough that thermal jerseys alone don't provide enough warmth. The Assos IJ Habu Jacket is designed to take you beyond that barrier. It wears with the weight and feel of a jersey and is ideally used over one of Assos' three different Interactive...

Price: $418.95

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Assos iJ.shaqUno Jacket - Men's Assos iJ.shaqUno Jacket - Men's

For more than 10 years, Assos has been the proud sponsor of the Swiss Cycling Federation. And in this time, it's taken the responsibility of supporting the development of burgeoning young cyclists. As a result, Assos' Uno line of jackets was born. According to Assos, this line creates a "welcome,...

Price: $358.95

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Assos iJ.tiburu.4 Jacket - Men's Assos iJ.tiburu.4 Jacket - Men's

Our first full-zip long sleeve jersey was made by Assos. It was a closeout, and we felt pretty savvy for the purchase. But, expectantly, the top lasted and lasted. It was our go-to long sleeve jersey for a decade, and a few years in, we realized that the jersey would've been a bargain at any...

Price: $268.95

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Assos rS.sturmPrinz EVO Jacket - Men's - Men's Assos rS.sturmPrinz EVO Jacket - Men's - Men's

When Assos set out to build the ultimate rain jacket, its engineers didn't take the task lightly. They knew that if it was going to wear the revered Assos badge, it would have be light, packable, highly protective, and, most importantly, fit perfectly. The result of their efforts was the...

Price: $578.95

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