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Assos LS.skinFoil_fall Base Layer - Men's
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If you're a longtime Assos devotee, you're surely familiar with its ALS Climarange layering system. And integral to this system had long been Assos' interactive series of bodyInsulators. Needless to say, then, that we were a little taken aback when we heard that Assos had opted to replace the interactive series with the new skinFoil line. Essentially, Assos has abandoned the pricey, multiple pre-shaped panels of the past, instead opting for a less expensive, less restrictive, and more comfortable tubular construction. In other words, with the new skinFoil yarns, the LS. skinFoil_fall Base Layer will have you feeling fresh and comfortable this fall. As we stated, Assos' new skinFoil yarns are integral to the functionality of the LS. skinFoil_fall base layer. Essentially, this material is a proprietary blend of polypropylene and polyester. Polypropylene and polyester are both polymers, meaning that they're both essentially plastics. However, where they differ is that polypropylene is hydrophobic to the point that it's unable to absorb water. And, as a result, it spreads moisture out over a larger surface area, which rapidly accelerates evaporation. So, in short, these fibers ensure that your torso and arms will remain dry. And when combined, the two fibers provide you with the ideal interface for interaction with either your jersey or jacket. Additionally, this yarn blend forms a highly-elastic material that creates a push-pull effect in order to hold your muscles in place as you ride. The fabric is also antistatic and antibacterial, and it's also been dermatologically tested and approved. This means that you'll remain comfortable, fresh, and, most importantly, dry underneath all of your outer layers. For this new collection of base layers, Assos decided to forgo any pre-shaped paneling designs in favor of a seamless, tubular construction. The reasoning behind this is that you receive a pleasing, non-restrictive level of fit. The fabric matrix is also spun, much...