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Assos NS.skinFoil_hotsummer Men's Base Layer
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Called 'body insulators' by Assos, this new collection of base layers replace the previous Interactive series, and focuses all of the attention toward meticulously calibrated choices of custom-designed yarn matrixes. What resulted from this new approach is called the skinFoil series of Assos base layers. Essentially, Assos created seven models that cover the seven ranges of climates from spring (1) to winterPlus (7). Each model within this 'System ClimaRange' was designed to ideally complement your second layer of Assos jerseys or jackets, providing you with a perfect match for your riding conditions. Along these lines, the NS. skinFoil_hotsummer Base Layer is ideal for next-to-skin coverage within the 86 to 104 Fahrenheit range. For the construction of the NS. skinFoil_hotsummer base layer, Assos used its proprietary skinFoil yarns. These blended polypropylene fibers are extraordinarily light and are able to transport and evaporate moisture much quicker than traditional polyester blends. Polypropylene was selected over the standard polyester for both its moisture management and durability. Polypropylene and polyester are both polymers, meaning that they're both essentially plastics. However, where they differ is that polypropylene is hydrophobic to that point that it's unable to absorb water. And, as a result, it spreads moisture out over a larger surface area, which rapidly accelerates evaporation. So, in short, these fibers ensure that your feet will remain dry. Additionally, these blended yarns form a highly elastic material that creates a push-pull effect in order to hold your muscles in place as you ride. The fabric is antistatic and antibacterial, and it is also dermatologically tested and approved. This means that you stay comfortable, fresh, and dry underneath all of your outer layers. For this new collection of base layers, Assos decided to forego any pre-shaped paneling designs in favor of a seamless, tubular construction. The reasoning behind this i...