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Assos fallInteractive Light Base Layer - Men's
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The SPC. 07 fabric Assos uses in their fallInteractive Long Sleeve Base Layer is the cool-weather version of the skinPull fabric they use for their interActive Spring and Summer base layers. The fundamental construction of SPC. 07 is identical to skinPull: The yarn is made from 3 fibers -- 2 micro hydrophilic fibers are wound with a third fiber made of real silver. These fibers are different in shape and form, but they're woven in such a way to provide the base layer with what Assos refers to as a 'Push and Pull'effect. The pull is the way it actively moves moisture off your skin, and the push is the movement of the moisture through the fabric itself in order to facilitate evaporation. The basic idea is this: Dry skin stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. The central difference between SPC. 07 and skinPull is very simple: SPC. 07 is a heavier material, and thereby offers additional insulation against the cold. The fallInteractive Long Sleeve Base Layer has quite a bit more stretch than what you'll find from other base layers, giving it a second-skin feel unlike the rumpled, cottony experience of other brands. Assos keeps the seams to an absolute minimum to reduce chafing, and the cut itself is made in the same AEPD II design Assos uses in their jerseys. When you stand up it pulls upward at your belly button and the shoulders will feel tight. But the idea is this: with the combination of the super-stretch material and the riding-specific cut, it'll 'click' into place on your torso when you reach for your bars. Don't judge it by trying it on in your bedroom -- judge it by how it feels when you ride. Assos suggests that you use the fallInteractive Long Sleeve Base Layer along with their Intermediate Evo jersey or their elementOne jacket, depending on the temperature. It has no collar, which gives it a clean, unobtrusive fit under either piece. As the temperature drops, though, you might instead consider the earlyWinter base layer since its hi...