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One Industries Sector Short - Men's - Men's
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The best shorts are the ones that you completely forget you're wearing. If you feel the leg bind as you lay the bike over or sometimes have to pull your shorts up mid-ride because the waistband is slipping down, you are not wearing the best shorts on the planet. One Industries, however believes that it has made the best shorts on the planet, and it has a pretty strong case. The One Industries Sector Short has a longer cut. Nobody will mistake you for a roadie when you're wearing the Sector. Four-way stretch ripstop polyester makes up the bulk of the body. This durable fabric won't bind while you ride and breathes well to keep you dry and comfortable. The rest of the Sector's shell is made up of mesh panels that promote airflow through the short to cool you off and remove water vapor. The included chamois pulls moisture away from your skin to prevent chafing and irritation and to allow your body to regulate its temperature naturally. The chamois also provides padding to make long hours of singletrack feel less like you just lost a butt-kicking contest. Unlike many riding shorts, the Sector's chamois liner is removable. This has several benefits. One is that you can adjust the fit and look that you want because the short and chamois are seperate. You can also wear the short without the chamois liner as just a casual short, or the chamois with another short if your Sectors are dirty. The Sector Short has couple of other nice little touches that set it apart from a lot of other shorts. A handy included sunglass wipe can transform the world from a blurry mess to crystal clear without scratching your glasses. The compact pockets reduce bulk and irritation, and the handy media port helps you manage your headphone cord. If the fit isn't exactly spot-on-perfect from the store, the dual waist adjusters allow you to fine-tune the fit without having to wear a bulky belt. The One Industries Sector Short comes in even sizes from 28 to 38 and is available in Chartreuse and Black.