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Swiftwick Competitive Cyclist Olefin Seven Socks - Men's
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When you're of discerning taste, some decisions are difficult, while others are beyond simple. For example, choosing between a Wilier Zero. 7 and a Pinarello Dogma 65. 1 Think 2 can be taxing, while choosing the Swiftwick Olefin Seven Socks to host the Competitive Cyclist logo was easy. With a feathery, breathable, and compressive design, the Olefin Seven socks represents a sophisticated minimalism that we love. Plain and simple, these are socks that we want to wear every day, and we know that you will, too. The reasoning behind our selection of Swiftwick's Olefin Seven design was simple. As part of the Pulse family, the Olefin represents Swiftwick's lightest design. To achieve this, 168-needle machines are used throughout the manufacturing in order to minimize materials and weight, while bolstering the overall strength of the structure. So, not only is breathability a non-issue, but abrasion and bunching are now a thing of the past. Too good to be true Not really. These socks feature a no-seam toe closure that's stronger and more comfortable than anything done by hand. Even better, the lack of a seam is a derivative of the ultra-fine weaving process that concurrently adds comfort and durability. Additionally, the socks are antimicrobial, so you'll experience next to no stink . This property is furthered by Swiftwick's process of bonding micro-silver particles in every fiber of the socks. When expertly applied, this process disrupts bacteria and eliminates odor-causing microbes. As for the socks' construction, Swiftwick does classify these as a light compression piece. So, not only will you experience superior wicking and thermo-regulation from the fabric, but with Swiftwick's design, your circulation will improve as well. The high, seven-inch, compressive cuff promotes efficient blood flow, which will assist in the reduction of lactic acid buildup. So, you'll experience a little less fatigue in the saddle, while enjoying the heightened sensation of comfort....