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POC Spine VPD Tee
Price: $259.95
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Shredding rowdy 'n' rugged downhill lines is too much fun, which means you go too fast, which means you crash too hard. While the gnarly spills are inevitable, the resulting injuries are avoidable, especially if you armor up with the POC Spine VPD Tee. This full-on upper-body protector employs hard padding on the chest and shoulders and a flexible VPD spine protector to keep you covered when you crash, and mesh fabric to keep you from overheating when you're riding under the sun. Don't let the soft nature of the VPD spine protector pysch you out, either--VPD (visco-elastic polymer dough, if you're curious) is a space-age material that hardens instantly upon impact, so you're protected when you crash but not restricted when you're upright. It's burly enough that it's even certified as motorcycle body armor. Finally, the Spine VPD closes up with a full front zipper and wide elastic waistband that lock it solidly in place without interfering with your riding.