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Assos intermediateSocks_s7 Socks - Men's
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To some, socks are just socks, but that's also coming from the people who're constantly grouchy and uncomfortable in the saddle. If you're like us, you value comfort, and even more so, you freak out whenever you see that Assos has a new sock design. To usher in the new age of socks, the intermediateSocks_s7 Socks feature Assos' lightest, thinnest, and most compact sock design ever. To create the next generation of socks, Assos had to match its lofty, ambitious designs to brand new manufacturing equipment. Why Because there simply weren't any machines capable of creating the desired stitches per square inch. Seriously. So, with cutting-edge machinery in tow, Assos set about to keep the intermediateSocks at a ridiculously low overall weight. This involved using ultra-thin elastane and polyamide fibers. Together, they provide heavy protection at an ultralight weight. You might be asking yourself why Assos went with these fibers for the construction Well, the compact elastane knit improves blood circulation by providing a precise degree of compression. Meanwhile, the polyamide fibers efficiently manage the buildup of moisture by wicking sweat away to the quick-drying surface of the socks. Together, all of Assos' technical bases are covered. However, Assos knows that these features are senseless with out an exact fit. That's why the combination of fibers operate like a second-skin over the foot. The thin construction flows over the foot and ankle's contours, and with the wrinkle-free design, abrasion becomes a distant memory. As Assos says -- ride it to believe it. The Assos intermediateSocks_s7 Socks are available in the colors Black Volkanga, Blue Calypso, Red Swiss, Yellow Volt, and White. They also come in sizes 0 (35-38), I (38-42), and II (43-46). Please note that these are unisex socks and are intended for use in temperatures between around 59 and 41 degrees Fahrenheit.