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Zipp 303 Firecrest Carbon Road Wheel - Clincher
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Contrary to popular belief, one wheel is able to do it all. Case in point is the Zipp 303. Name any race, and the 303 has either won it or won a stage in it. Seriously. And now, Zipp has found a way to improve upon perfection with the 303 Firecrest Carbon Clincher. More stable, more aerodynamic, and faster than its predecessor due to the refined 188/V9 rear hub design and a more efficient spoke lacing pattern. Zipp first relied on the implementation of VCLC, which involves the insertion of a visco-elastic material between carbon laminates in the rim, which delivers a ten percent reduction in road vibration. When it came to carbon resin, Zipp faced obstacles in relation to applied heat. It found that clincher rims handle all of the air pressure along with the tire, resulting in catastrophic failure when over-heated. Part of the solution came from the development of the Firecrest clincher rim shape, and the other came out of an exclusive deal with a Formula One carbon resin manufacturer. Together, they worked out a new resin that improves heat dissipation enough to pass European safety testing. Zipp's Firecrest design is steeped in a wider-is-better ideology. Zipp found that a wider rim offers greater vertical and lateral compliance for increased control, comfort, and rigidity. For the clincher, they found that distancing the hook beads further apart allowed the tire to take on a more stable shape without adding rolling resistance. For strength and rigidity, the Firecrest 303 utilizes both unidirectional fiber and woven fiber. In this design, unidirectional fibers are used to handle the tensile and comprehensive loading within the rim, and woven fibers are used in the spoke-hole areas. A woven silica-ceramic fabric and a woven carbon fabric encapsulate the braking and tire-mounting surfaces. The combination of fiber patterns creates the highest stiffness-to-weight ratio in Zipp production. The Firecrest is Zipp's most ambitious rim shape to date. Designed to a...