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SRAM Roam 50 29in Aluminum UST Wheel
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When designing the new Roam 50 29-inch wheel, SRAM started with a completely blank slate. This from-the-ground up approach is evident once you take a close look at the Roam 50's design. The most obvious departure from conventional design is the Roam 50's asymmetrical spoke bed. This is to offset the difference in spoke lengths in a traditional rim caused by the drivetrain. On a conventional wheel, spokes on the drive side are shorter, causing uneven wheel tension and thus, a weaker wheel. Because of the Roam 50's asymmetrical spoke bed, the spokes are all the same length, which allows stress to be spread evenly through the wheel. Another advantage is easier spoke replacement because you only need one length. Speaking of spokes, the Roam's hub uses straight-pull spokes instead of traditional J-bend spokes. This makes the wheel stiffer and the spokes easier to replace. In order to reduce weight, SRAM built the Roam 50 using its proprietary TaperCore construction technology. This method allows SRAM to remove material in areas where it isn't needed--mainly in the areas between the spoke bed and the bead hook. This reduces weight while actually strengthening the rim. The Roam also uses a wide 21mm internal rim width to accommodate today's wider tires and reduce the occurrence of pinch-flats. The Roam 50's hubs are also a modern design. Not only do they provide the advantages of straight-pull spokes, but they are compatible with all of the various axle sizes via easy-to-use push-on end caps. The rear hub comes with either the 9/10 speed standard freehub body or the XX1 11-speed model.