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Industry Nine Trail 24H 29in Wheelset
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With the Trail 24H 29in Wheelset, Industry Nine improves upon the achievements of its original design, offering you bulletproof hoops that are lighter and more precise with greater axle compatibility. The new Trail 24H tubeless rims feature a double-wide design, adding strength without piling on the weight. The rim's 28mm outer width, and 23. 4mm inner width, makes it one of the widest 29in rims out there. It also makes the Trail 24H stiff, giving you precise tracking on tough trails. This wide profile makes the Trail 24H the perfect enduro wheelset. Industry Nine laced the Trail 24H wheelset in a 2:1 pattern. The straight pull spokes are made from 7075 aluminum and offer a greater tensile strength than steel spokes. Unlike traditional spokes, which feature rolled threads, Industry Nine's threads are cut during the machining process. Not only is this a more precise process, but it also allows Industry Nine to create a stronger interface with the hub by making larger threads. The Trail 24H Wheelset features the new and improved Torch hubs. The Torch still offers 120 points of contact and three-degrees of engagement, but with pawls that have two teeth instead of three. The new Torch also has a changed cantilever and shallower tooth profile on the drive ring to reduce drag without sacrificing holding power. Industry Nine also provides smaller bearings between the freehub body and shell, alongside a new silicone lip design, to reduce mechanical drag. Industry Nine also made the freehub easier to remove for maintenance. Finally, the new Torch hubs are now compatible with all axle standards via end caps that are sold separately.