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Mavic Cosmic Carbone 40 C Carbon Road Wheelset - Clincher
Price: $2750.00
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We are well aware of the benefits provided by a well-designed pair of carbon clinchers. The low weight, stiffness, solid aerodynamics, and reliability continue to be the reasons that we mount them up on our machines for both training and racing. But, there's always that one lingering cloud that's been hanging over the carbon clincher since it was first introduced. It's called heat dissipation, or lack thereof, that plagues those of us running these wheels. Special brake pads, rim treatments, etc. have attempted to remedy the issue, but none have seemed to prove effective in the long run. Well, Mavic's new Cosmic Carbone 40 C was built specifically to address this, as it effectively manages heat buildup using an entirely new rim composition. Mavic knew that a rim treatment alone wouldn't effectively dissipate heat at the rim, which is what other manufacturers have continually relied on for years to help mitigate the issue. Instead, Mavic rethought the construction of the rim itself, using a blend of aluminum, carbon, and a proprietary resin called TgMAX. Seeing as Mavic is world-renowned for its dependable aluminum wheels, it makes sense that its engineers would rely on their extensive expertise in the manufacturing and shaping of this material as a means for building the foundation of its new wheelset. Aluminum has long been known to both dissipate heat quickly and resist high temperatures much better than carbon, making it the optimal material to start with. As such, the skeleton, or real structure of the Carbone 40 C, is a lightweight aluminum hoop, or 'rim bed insert,' that enhances structural stiffness, holds air pressure better than full-carbon, and resists brake pulsing. Additionally this bed wraps up on either side, creating a 'U-shaped' sidewall design that adds to the wheel's overall durability. Mavic then wraps its lightweight proprietary core material and aluminum bed, by hand, with its 3k carbon layers. These layers are applied manually in order...