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Mavic R-Sys Road Wheelset - Clincher
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Mavic lived up to its iconic name by building quality, durable, high-performance wheels. The latest iteration of the R-Sys Clincher Wheelset is the lightest and stiffest yet. Built to climb effortlessly, descend confidently and handle the roughest tarmac fathomable, the R-Sys wheelset will impress you at every turn. The most notable aspect of the R-Sys Wheels is the varied rim depth between the front and rear rim. The front rim on the R-Sys is only 22mm deep, essentially the same depth as an Open Pro rim. This makes it lighter, and it has the incidental advantage of being a more stable wheel in crosswinds and at high speeds on descents. The rear rim depth on the R-Sys is 25mm. The reasoning behind this is that it gives the rear wheel added rigidity and resistance to flex, which, according to Mavic, gives it superior power transfer. The R-Sys Wheelset also features aggressive Inter Spoke Milling (ISM) on the Maxtal aluminum rim. Mavic uses this technique to trim away the excess aluminum between the spoke threads and sidewalls. This removal of excess material shaves weight without affecting rigidity or strength. The R-Sys hubs are machined from a single piece of aluminum and feature slightly oversized aluminum axles for increased lateral stiffness. The hubs are also equipped with Mavic's QRM bearings that are double-sealed for longevity, and each hub allows for micro-fine preload adjustment. The aesthetically appealing tubular carbon fiber TraComp spokes distinguish the R-Sys group from the rest of the Mavic line. Their design is noteworthy in that they work in both tension and compression, a quality that gives the R-Sys wheelset unmatched lateral stability. Real-world translation: you'll descend with confidence and increased speed. The front wheel uses 16 of these carbon spokes while the rear has 10 on the non-drive side. They're too large to be used on the rear drive-side; 10 bladed Zicral aluminum spokes go here instead. Using this few spokes means a very ...