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Mavic R-Sys SLR Road Wheelset - Tubular - 2014
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Through the mountains, you need responsive wheels that move with you, transferring your power to the ground, and helping you move more efficiently. However, carbon fiber isn't made of magic, and it won't always perform the required duties. Luckily, Mavic's dedication to building wheels for every riding scenario continues to expand with the R-Sys SLR Tubular Wheelset. And though you may be blinded by the idea of full carbon wheels with deep rim profiles, the 22mm front and 25mm rear rim depths of the R-sys SLR Wheelset go toe-to-toe with carbon aero construction and weight. The R-sys SLR Tubulars are made with Mavic's Maxtal aluminum and receive its Intern Spoke Milling to keep the weight of the rim down. This process aids in the creation of the wheel's high strength-to-weight ratio, and to further increase the wheels stiffness, the R-sys uses Mavic's Soude Usine Process to form the rim seam. Basically, the seam is arc welded and milled for a smooth finish that forms an incredibly strong rim joint. Accordingly, it reduces vibration and nearly eliminates brake shudder at the rim. To keep the rim light and strong, the Mavic Fore drilling method has been used. Instead of drilling through both rim walls to get the spokes into place, only a single wall is drilled. This makes the wheel four times more resistant to fatigue while increasing the rim's rigidity by 20 percent. The rim has also been given an Exalith treatment that increases braking power, delays rim wear, and maintains the anthracite coloring for thousands of kilometers of training and racing. The R-Sys rims roll smoothly on Black aluminum hubs. Equipped with QRM bearings, they're double-sealed for longevity. Each hub allows for micro-fine, preload adjustments without requiring you to remove your wheel from the bike. Keeping with the lightweight design, a Force Transfer System Light is used in the freehub body. This reinforces the contact area between the aluminum hub body and the pawls with two stainle...