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ENVE Valve Extender ENVE Valve Extender

The ENVE Valve Extenders allow you to use that bulk of tubes you have at home with your new deep wheels. Just pull the valve core, screw on the Enve Valve Extender, and thread your valve core into the open end of the valve extender. Like magic, you have a really long valve stemEnve Valve...

Price: $10.00

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Lezyne Valve Extender Lezyne Valve Extender

Lezyne's Presta Valve Extenders function in two ways. First, they are long enough, 70mm, that you'll have a valve head sticking out of just about every deep-section wheel around. Second, they have a threaded top that makes it possible to screw on the Presta-side pump heads found on both Lezyne's...

Price: $15.00

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Mavic Round UST Valve Kit (+ Wheels) Mavic Round UST Valve Kit (+ Wheels)

Since you're running Mavic 2013 UST wheels, you're going to need a Round UST Valve Kit for the next time you lose a UST valve. Whether you were fixing a flat at home or on the trail, accidents happen. That's why we always have one in our repair kit. The UST Valve Kit works with rounded SLR, ST,...

Price: $9.90

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Zipp Valve Extender Zipp Valve Extender

Do you have deep cross-section rims? When you air up your tires, is it a headache to get your pump to "bite" on the end of the presta valve? The Zipp Valve Extender is the answer. The extender threads onto the end of your valve to give your pump more surface area to grab. These are black anodized...

Price: $10.00

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