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HED Stinger 5 Carbon Disc Brake Road Wheel - Tubular
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Undeniably, you've seen some weird cyclocross wheel concoctions since the UCI lifted the disc brake ban in 2010. We view this as unfortunate. The world of wheels has been slow to gravitate, but at least HED wasn't crawling, it was developing the perfect 'cross wheel. The Stinger 5 Disc Wheels check off all of the boxes on your wishlist -- tubular, carbon fiber, and centerlock rotors. Built with the perfect ratio of rigidity, strength, and weight, the Stinger 5 Disc Tubular is the obvious choice for anyone who lives for speed in the dirt. To keep the weight around 1629 grams, HED constructed the Stinger 5 Disc Tubular from its own blend of lightweight and durable carbon fiber. HED has even added an extra layer of carbon fiber over the rim to enhance the Stinger's durability over rough terrain. And to compensate for its 50mm depth, HED designed the rims with its SCT Technology. This means that the wheel has been tuned in accordance to handling at its depth. Ultimately, SCT strikes the ideal balance between cross wind handling and aerodynamic gains without compromising the Stinger's weight or naturally rigidity. Additionally, the Stinger features a 28mm wide rim design that's purposefully intended to run a 25mm or larger tire. This wider-is-better technology isn't a bunch of marketing smoke and mirrors, however. It directly results in an 18% reduction to rolling resistance, and a massive gain to laminar airflow over the 50mm rim depth of the wheels. Additionally, for 'cross purposes, the width creates more surface area to glue onto, creating a more stable surface for tight cornering and rugged terrains. HED didn't rest on its laurels when it finished the rim. In fact, the entire wheel has been reworked. The spokes are Sapim's popular and aerodynamic CX-Ray J-Bend spokes with self-securing aluminum nipples. Both wheels use 24 of them, and each have been laced two-cross for strength, responsiveness, and rigidity. The Stinger 5 Disc has also received new hubs to acco...