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ENVE 1.45 Carbon Road Wheelset - Tubular
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We're sure that you've heard this before, but rotational weight is the most vital area for you to direct your gram-focused conservatism. However, this doesn't mean that you should be willing to sacrifice rigidity and aerodynamic gains solely in the name of weight. Absolutely not. The way that we see it, every wheel depth serves a purpose -- 25mm for the mountains, 65mm for time trial, and 45mm for everything in between. Luckily, ENVE shares our mindset and have prepared an ultralight version of its Classic 45, the ENVE 1. 45 Carbon Road Tubular Wheelset. At a svelte 295 grams per hoop, the 1. 45 is called the 'Magic Bullet' around the ENVE office for a reason. Simply put, the 1. 45 can do it all, and it'll do it faster than its 'competition.' Of course, there are many factors to the 1. 45's ridiculous stiffness-to-weight ratio. Starting at the interface between the spokes and the rim, ENVE uses a patented process of molding in spoke holes, nipple seats, and valve stem holes. Knowing that carbon fiber gains strength from continuous fibers, ENVE routes the fibers around each hole in a 100% intact design. This design allows a lower weight at the spoke face, and adds overall rigidity to the rim. When built, the molded design promotes both higher spoke tension and tension uniformity. Another aspect of the 1. 45's light weight is due to ENVE's use of removal bladders during the molding process. While most composite rim manufacturers leave the rim-shaping inflatable bladder in the rim, ENVE spends the time and money to remove it. This time-consuming process reduces rim weight, and makes for a perfectly tensioned wheel build. And while all of that technology creates an aggressive stiffness-to-weight ratio, we all know that a 45mm deep wheel is built for speed in any conditions. Sure, rigidity adds to this variable, but so does the build. The ENVE 1. 45s are hand-built in the USA with DT Swiss 240 hubs laced with 20/24 DT Swiss Aerolite bladed spokes. So, when you ...