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ENVE Classic 25 Carbon Road Wheelset - Tubular
Retail Price: $2520.00
Our Price: $1638.00
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You know about Enve, so there's really no point in talking about how everything that Enve touches turns to gold--really, stiff, lightweight gold--you already know. The Enve Classic 25 Carbon Road Tubular wheelset won't have any problem living up to your expectations, either. As you probably already know, the Classic 25 is ridiculously stiff. This is a result of Enve's carbon wizardry and intelligent design. Starting at the spoke holes, Enve uses a patented process molding process to route the carbon fiber in 100% continuous fibers around the spoke holes for the greatest possible strength. This adds strength and stiffness while reducing weight. When laced, this design allows for greater spoke tension, as well. Another ingredient in Enve's low fat recipe is the use of removable bladders during the molding process. While most companies leave the bladder in the rim, Enve retrieves it to shed weight. With all the focus placed on those gorgeous hoops, it's easy to forget how important the build is. ENVE 25s are hand-built in the USA with DT Swiss 240 hubs. These are laced to the rim with 20/24 DT Swiss Aerolite bladed spokes. The low resistance and quick engagement of DT Swiss' legendary 240 hub, coupled with the way-beyond-space-age technology incorporated into the rim, makes the Classic 25 a truly world-class wheelset.