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Easton EA70 XC 29in Wheels
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The Easton EA70 XC 29-inch Wheels falls nicely into a gaping hole in the world of mountain bike wheels. Known for its stiffness and durability, the EA70 is tough enough for trail riding and light enough for XC race, all without breaking the bank. It may not be the lightest wheelset on the market, but it's certainly light enough for daily hammering. And what good is light weight if your wheels are so flexy that they rub on your stays and fork legs This is not a problem that you'll find with the EA70. Starting at the rim, Easton constructed the EA70 from its EA70 aluminum. This signature alloy combines the durability of aluminum with the light weight of carbon, contributing to the wheels' svelte overall weight of around 1950 grams. As for the durability side of things, the wheels benefit from EA90 technology at the rim. If you take a good look over the rim's surface, you'll notice Easton's hallmark welding process. This measure ensures that the wheel will respond hit after hit, without the worry of failure upon heavy impacts. Going even further into the world of 'durability,' it would seem like Easton did a little soul searching into what this word really means. Sure, there's one part of the equation that concerns itself with impact resistance on the trail, but there's a second, more obvious, piece of the puzzle that commonly goes ignored. Of course, we're talking about longevity. And since the EA70 rim will probably outlast your grandkids, there were some simple measures that Easton took to ensure that the componentry of the wheels are easily replaceable. So, the EA70 uses 24 standard, straight-pull, double-butted spokes on the front and rear, and it also uses standard sealed cartridge bearings. You can find these spokes and bearings in any shop, eliminating the lengthy waiting period for a manufacturer to have them in stock and to ship them to you. Additionally, when you're on the trail, these features add to the wheels snappy engagement and smooth, reliable h...