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Easton Haven Wheel - 27.5in
Price: $450.00
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It's becoming a common post-dislocated-shoulder statement, 'If I had larger wheels, I wouldn't have gone over the bars'. If you're ahead of the game and already 27. 5-pointed, then Easton's Haven Wheels should be on your bucket list. Easton's 27. 5in Haven wheels feature 26mm-wide outside and 21mm-wide inside rim that is compatible with UST tires up to 2. 5in wide. This provides the ride-enhancing volume 29ers cherish in a stiffer package that steps on the toes of 26in wheels. To achieve an air tight rim, Easton eliminates spoke penetrations in the outer wall of the rim. The straight-pull Sapim double-butted spokes are placed in the hub in a standard three-cross pattern, but the nipple is both internally and externally threaded. So, when the spokes are drawn into the nipple, it's simultaneously screwing into a threaded eyelet inside the inner wall of the rim. They can be trued exactly like a wheel with standard nipples, only the included valve stems pierce the entire cross-section of the rim. The rims and spokes spin around Easton M1-121 hubs with sealed cartridge bearings and are compatible with SRAM and Shimano cassettes. The front hub is available as a 15x100 thru-axle, and the rear hub is available as either a 10x135 QR or 12x135/142mm axle. Easton's Haven 27. 5in Wheels are compatible with ISO standard 6-bolt mounts for the brake rotors.