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Easton EC90 XC 29in Wheel
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Whether you ride your 29er for fun or to toe the line at the races, you know that having the right wheels will make or break your day. Luckily, though, Easton is renowned for designing wheels that check off all of the boxes on your wishlist, and the EC90 XC 29in Wheel is no exception. The EC90 XC, takes the 29-inch race wheel to a whole new level. In other words, it's the happy, fruitful marriage of weight savings, durability, and sheer speed. It features Easton's proprietary Armored Ballistic Compound (ABC). You read those two words right -- "armored" and "ballistic." The material shares the same characteristics as military-grade body armor, and while it's highly unlikely that the wheel will safely shield you in the event of warfare, you do benefit from its lightweight impact-resistance. And lightweight it is. In fact, Easton claims that the EC90 XC is the lightest two-inch UST wheel on the market. At around 1416 grams per pair, the EC90 comes in at over 280g (per wheelset) lighter than the EA90 (its aluminum counterpart), and around 200 grams lighter than its closest competition. A lighter wheel, that's more durable -- is there anything better Not surprisingly, the stiffness-to-weight ratio is also unparalleled. Whether you're out of the saddle for the final sprint or making a pass on a rutted-out corner, the lateral and torsional rigidity of the EC90 won't disappoint. The XC is UST-ready right out of the box. The rim has been mated with 24 Sapim 2. 0 spokes that have been laced three-cross to Easton's M1 hub. Easton updated the rear M1 hub from last year's model by slightly enlarging the bearing size and by adding a support sleeve between the two main hub shell bearings. This eliminates the possibility of excess preload on the inner-bearing races. Second, it's now using a fixed-position end cap. So, you'll no longer be able to adjust the bearing preload, but you also won't get it wrong, either. More importantly, though, you won't find that the bearings ar...