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Easton Haven 29in Wheels Easton Haven 29in Wheels

With 29in wheels spinning at full speed, we're enjoying the plentiful options that are now available. In fact, less than five years ago, 29in UST wheels and tires weren't an option. So, in order to enjoy the benefits of riding tubeless, riders were forced to deal with sketchy rim/tape/tire combos...

Price: $510.00
Sale Price: $255.00

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Easton Haven Carbon Wheel - 29in Easton Haven Carbon Wheel - 29in

We know what you're thinking, carbon wheels can't hold up to your level of riding. But, what if we told you that the Easton Haven Carbon Wheel was made from a composite similar to those found in combat body armor? We'll assume that an eyebrow has been raised. So, now that we've opened Pandora's...

Price: $1275.00
Sale Price: $318.75

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