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Corima Aero + Carbon Road Wheelset - Clincher
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By pairing a moderately deep 47mm rim profile with a minimal amount of strong bladed spokes and silky smooth hubs, the Aero is continually the go-to wheelset for Corima-sponsored riders during rolling and flat races. Take these speed and aerodynamic attributes and throw in the reliability of a clincher construction, and the Corima Aero Carbon Clincher Road Wheelset becomes the ultimate "one-quiver" aerodynamic set of wheels for both training and racing. Incorporating over 35 years of perfecting composites -- producing mechanical molds in both the automotive and aeronautics fields -- Corima continues to push the boundaries as to what's able to be achieved with carbon manufacturing. In fact, an integral part of what makes Corima's wheels so precise is directly attributable to its wheel components being built in-house. For the new Aero wheels, this principle is the same, as the hubs and rims used to build this aerodynamic clincher were manufactured in the same facility in the south of France. For this current set of carbon wheels, Corima chose to apply its 47mm Aero rim profile, as this shape has been proven to be more aerodynamic than shallower-sectioned rims, yet it's still versatile enough to handle a variety of racing situations. Its profile spins up incredibly fast on the flats, and it remains exceptionally solid in crosswinds. For the construction of this full-carbon Aero rim, Corima used pre-impregnated sheets of 12K (12,000 filaments per square weave) carbon fiber. This carbon composition is more rigid than Corima's 3K carbon, but its stiffness is perfectly balanced through the compliance provided by the steel-spoked design. These 12K sheets were then formed into its torsion box 'Concept 2D' shape, which results in a subtle 'U' profile 22. 6mm width. Corima also uses its HPS technology with its carbon clincher rims, meaning that they're made of 100% carbon, without incorporating any metallic parts. The reasoning behind this is to keep the weight as l...