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Corima Viva MCC "S" Carbon Road Wheelset - Tubular
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With a background in producing mechanical molds for the automotive and aeronautics sectors, French manufacturer Corima branched into the cycling arena by launching its first disc wheel in 1988. Its wheels quickly caught on with track cyclists and road racers around the world, as the manufacturing precision and composite expertise was noticeably superior to anything that its competitors were making at the time. The tradition of pushing carbon boundaries hasn't let up for Corima, as its years of composite know-how and constant innovations continue to set records and propel cyclists to victory in the most renowned races on the planet. An integral part of this success is derived from each of Corima's wheel components being built in-house. For the new Viva MCC 'S' Carbon Tubular Road Wheelset, this is no exception. The hubs, spokes, and rims used to build this lightweight tubular 'system' were all manufactured under the same roof in its Southern France facility. As one of three sets of wheels Corima builds that rely on its proprietary 12-carbon-spoke design, the new Viva MCC 'S' wheels perfectly illustrate what is attainable in tubular construction when carbon composites are pushed to the limits. Corima chose to apply its 32mm Viva rim profile to the wheelset, as this shape has been proven to be one of its most versatile. After all, it's light enough to be used on the steepest of climbs, it spins up fast on the flats, and it remains exceptionally stable in crosswinds. For the construction of the Aero rim, Corima used pre-impregnated sheets of 3K (3000 filaments per square weave) carbon fiber for the wheel. These sheets were then formed into its torsion box 'Concept 2D' shape, which results in a subtle 'U-shaped' profile with a moderate 22. 6mm width. And, besides lending itself to Corima's signature refined gloss and apparent carbon weave finish, this layup design also provides heightened levels of aerodynamics, stiffness, and ride quality compared to more traditi...