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Vredestein Freccia Tricomp Tire
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If you look forward to logging training rides in weather that keeps most people inside, you need a tire that provides grip in varying conditions, is resistant to flats, and won't wear out prematurely. Thankfully, though, Vredestein built the Freccia Tricomp Tire to meet each of those parameters. With a puncture-resistant polyamide belt under the tread and two different rubber compounds, this tire will shrug off less-than-ideal conditions. So, you'll be able to focus on getting in those base miles, not succumbing to the weather. Vredestein employs its triple compound rubber placement in the Freccia Tricomp. And, in case you're wondering what triple compound actually means, it's when the center line of the tire is built from a harder rubber compound than the that of the shoulders. In other words, this means that the Freccias are both fast-rolling and hard-wearing. However, the compound employed for the center line wouldn't provide the aggressive cornering grip that's needed from an all-weather training tire. So, a softer compound is used at the shoulders in order to boost cornering grip, and accordingly, cornering confidence. The 220 TPI casing has a relatively high thread count, which helps these tires to roll fast over varying road surfaces. Basically, a high thread count equates to a more supple casing. So, the tire is able to deform with less resistance. So, what's the benefit Well, the benefit is that instead of bouncing, the tire is able to roll through irregularities on the road's surface. This way, you'll go faster while exerting less energy. Adding to the all-season functionality of this tire is a polyamide woven layer underneath the tread. This layer protects against punctures from road debris that you'll no doubt encounter. But, unlike many other puncture-resistant tires, this layer doesn't extend into the sidewalls. This allows the sidewall of the tire to deform naturally, which means that you'll get puncture resistance while still enjoying the smoo...