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Schwalbe Nobby Nic TL Ready Snakeskin Tire - 29in
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Schwalbe's Nobby Nic TL Ready Snakeskin 29-inch Tire is already a widespread favorite for a reason. With it, you get a fast rolling tire that provides a surprising amount of grip in nearly any trail conditions that you'll come across. So, you'll be prepared for anything that the trail throws at you, wet or dry. The Nobby Nic's tread pattern will be immediately recognizable to many of you, and with good reason. It's become a widely popular tire due to its versatility. The center line of the tire alternates between broad, paddle-shaped knobs, which provide excellent braking traction, and square knobs, which hook up on everything from wet roots to hard-pack. And both sets of knobs are nice and short, so they roll fast in addition to getting tons of grip. Additionally, the side knobs are wide and supportive. So, when you get the Nobby Nics leaned over, it'll bite hard in order to keep you on your line. However, tread patterns only tell one part of the story. That's why Schwalbe uses its PaceStar rubber compound. Essentially, PaceStar places harder rubber down the center line, making for faster rolling and improved wear life. Meanwhile, the side knobs receive a softer rubber compound, improving cornering traction by increasing flexibility. In essence, you get the speed of a harder compound tire, mated to the cornering grip of a softer tire. This means that you get the benefits of both rubber compounds, without suffering from the drawbacks of either. This recognizable tread pattern rests on Schwalbe's Snakeskin Tubeless Ready casing. As you may have guessed, the tubeless designation means that these are optimized for a tubeless setup. But, you are able to run them with tubes if that's your preference. By Tubeless Ready, Schwalbe means that the bead hook on this tire is enlarged. Why does this matter Well, it makes seating the tire to a tubeless rim a whole lot easier. Which, if you've ever ended up covered in tire-sealant after trying to seat a stubborn tire, will ...