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Mavic Yksion Pro Powerlink Tubular Tire
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You probably already knew this, but your rear wheel serves a different role on your bike than your front wheel. With the majority of your weight over the rear wheel, you need less rolling resistance. So, with this in mind Mavic engineers designed the Yksion Pro Powerlink Tubular Tire to be highly responsive by using the harder 70a rubber compound down the middle. And since you still need grip on your rear tire while cornering, the soft and grippy 60a durometer rubber cases the side walls. The rubber isn't the only piece of technology that makes the Pro Powerlink Clincher a great rear tire. A high density casing lines the tire, improving its flex to prevent rolling it at a lower PSI. Flat protection is also important while you're training and racing. Mavic uses a 210 TPI casing throughout the tire -- tough enough to stave off flats on the worst roads and cobbled streets. An additional Kevlar breaker is used under the tread for extra protection. Surprisingly, this addition only adds a small amount of weight to the construction. The Mavic Yksion Pro Powerlink Tubular Tire weighs around 230 grams. It is available with the SSC or White logo and in 23mm sizes.