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Geax AKA Tire - 27.5in
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Tightly-spaced, small-block patterns are a favorite for hard-packed conditions where speed is favored over traction. But, those tires sacrifice quite a bit when the trail is either loamy or loose. The Geax AKA 27. 5in Tire, however, builds on that shallow, tightly packed philosophy in order to provide strength where other designs fail. For one, it's a directional tire with ramps reinforcing the shallow knobs to enhance an already inherent resistance to flex. Secondly, the knobs are not square. They have a wider leading edge and narrower trailing edge. This complements the directional pattern, but more importantly, it provides more surface area for aggressive traction when braking in loose soil. For the side knobs, Geax resorted to a similar profile of the widely spaced Gato, but packed them closer together in order to ensure steering precision. This contributes to efficient climbing as well. Accordingly, the AKA is considered as a multi-condition weapon in everything short of sloppy mud. The Geax AKA 27. 5in Tire is available in a 2. 2-inch width and in two casing options. First, you have a choice of TNT (Tube, no tube) for compatibility with tubeless rims with use of a sealant, and secondly, there's a folding 120tpi casing for use with tubes.