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Continental X-King Tire - 29in
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The Topeak Ergon pro team collaborated with Continental in the creation of the X-King 29in Tire, and as a result, have ridden them to success after success. Fast but grippy, the X-King rolls smoothly and quietly despite its pronounced knobs, making it the ultimate all-around tire for anything from cross-country riding and racing to Alp'cross. Continental included its Protection technology for the non-foldable iteration of this tire. So, you can enjoy the benefit of the smooth yet grippy treads as well as enhanced puncture protection (hence the name). Conti also added an additional layer that encircles the tire to guard against punctures, and unlike puncture-resistant troughs in other brands' tires, this protection reaches wall-to-wall in order to resist damage all the way around. Don't worry, though, because Continental has been careful to ensure that the added layer doesn't harden the feel or reduce the level of dampening comfort of the X-King. Making this possible is that Continental heavily relies on its proprietary Black Chili rubber compound in order to help the tire be all things to all conditions. And an added perk of this process is that it's succeeded in enhancing the grip of the tire, making it tougher and lighter on their treads. Essentially, the Continental engineers in Germany refined its synthetic rubbers with nano-sized particles to create a compound that reacts to surface objects more quickly, thoroughly improving grip. These particles also form a tighter bond to improve compound strength, lengthening tread life and reducing the chances that lugs will rip and tear. Compared to Continental's earlier-generation tire compound, Black Chili tires offer 20% less rolling resistance and 30% more grip, yet they also manage to improve tread life by around 5%. The X-King 29in Tire is tubeless-ready, and Continental recommends the use of its Revo Sealant to protect against the odd mini puncture. There are a ton of advantages to having a tubeless set up in...