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Continental Cyclocross Race Tire - Clincher
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It's a shame that cyclocross bikes are sometimes conglomerations of various castaway parts from last year's racing bike. If yours is the exception -- if you take your cyclocross and your cyclocross bike seriously -- then the Continental Cyclocross Race Clincher is the tire for you. With 180tpi, it has a finer thread count than Continental's Speed King, offering a more refined ride. And when you're doing the most grueling 60 minutes of your season, wouldn't a tubular-like feel be welcome The increase in comfort comes without sacrifice. The Cyclocross Race Clincher has a low rolling resistance as well. The center knobs have a stepped structure, giving them structure to avoid straight-line squirm in the fast sections of the course as you hammer away towards the next corner, barrier, or sand pit. And of course, it will be muddy. For that, the Race Clincher has a slight taper on the transition and shoulder knobs so they'll penetrate the mud for great traction and self-clean as they roll up and away from the ground, leaving more of it down there and less of it flinging up into your eyes. The Continental Cyclocross Race Clincher Tire is available in 700 x 35c only and has a Black tread and sidewall.