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Continental Race King Tire - 29in
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If you find that standing on top is more rewarding that sullenly swilling beers in the parking lot, the Continental Race King 29-inch Tire is for you. Providing a low-profile pattern that rolls fast and is able to handle just about any terrain or condition, the Race King is the perfect package for everyone to cross-country racers to the two-time World XC champion, Irina Kalentieva. Part of the secret of the Race King's success lies in its remarkable tread. The rolled shoulder profile and diamond-head arrow center tread pattern is primarily designed for superb power transfer, while also maintaining a very low profile. And as a result, it rolls exceptionally fast. Continental also incorporated transitional knobs from the center to the shoulder of the tire. This way, when you're making quick weight transfers, from cornering to straight-ahead power and back again, the tire remains stable and secure beneath you. The shoulder knobs are low-profile, like the rest of the tread. And along the outer edge, the pattern is doubled with a ramped leading edge followed by a block tread -- the ramps roll quickly, but the block bites into the dirt for increased traction. Not only do the Race King tires shed mud like nobody's business, but they also deliver bomb-proof performance on the nastiest, longest marathon rides. Continental included its ProTection technology with these tires, so you're able to enjoy the benefit of the smooth, yet gripp'y, treads. Even better, this also creates an enhanced level of puncture protection (hence the name). Continental also added an additional layer that encircles the tire in order to guard against punctures. And unlike puncture-resistant troughs in other brands' tires, this protection reaches wall-to-wall in order to resist damage all of the way around. Continental has been careful to ensure that the added layer doesn't harden the feel and reduce the level of dampening comfort that it naturally provides. One reason that this is possible is bec...