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Continental Mountain King Tire - 29in
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Crawling up mud-slicked trails. Bombing down stone and stump-riddled runs. When it's all about traction and blasting through any kind of trail debris, turn to the Continental Mountain King 29-inch Tire for your ride. Made by engineers that continually push the envelope in terms of what we're able to expect from a top-notch tire, you can feel confident that this heavy-duty mountain bike tire will work for you in the worst conditions, while still rolling nicely through a break to the fire roads. For many years, the Continental Mountain King tires have been all about the soft- and loose-grip type of riding. However, what's so special about this version is that Continental has made a particular effort to broaden its competencies. It realized that most of us are riding in a variety of surface conditions every day, and so it took a look at how it could give the Mountain King better reactions when cornering on hardpack or rolling over fire roads. Consequently, this version features strengthened shoulder lugs and more space toward the center lugs in order to lower rolling-resistance and to improve cornering. Continental included its Protection technology with these tires, so you're able to enjoy the benefits of the smooth, yet gripp'y treads as well as enhanced puncture protection (hence the name). Continental also added an additional layer that encircles the tire in order to guard against punctures. Unlike puncture-resistant troughs in other brands' tires, this protection actually reaches wall-to-wall in order to resist damage all of the way around. Continental has been careful to ensure that the added layer doesn't harden the feel or reduce the level of dampening comfort that it provides. One reason that this is possible is because Continental heavily relies on its proprietary Black Chili rubber compound to help the tire be all things to all conditions. It's succeeded in making the tires grippier, tougher, and lighter on their treads. Essentially, the Continental e...