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Borealis Bikes FH1 XD Driver Borealis Bikes FH1 XD Driver

Join the one-by revolution on your fatbike with the Borealis FH1 XD Driver. This three-pawl driver allows you to mount up SRAM's eleven speed mountain cassettes to your Borealis FH1 rear hub, adding crucial gear range, and adding even more versatility to your prized mega-tire machine.The Borealis...

Price: $99.00
Sale Price: $94.00

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DT Swiss XD Driver DT Swiss XD Driver

Direct mount rear derailleurs, MatchMaker lever mounts, and SRAM's new XX1 drivetrain are all examples of mountain biking's current simplification trend. And if you're going to take advantage of the reduced weight and complexity of SRAM's new 1x11 drivetrain, you'll need a wheelset that's...

Price: $98.95
Sale Price: $82.99

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Industry Nine XD Driver Industry Nine XD Driver

Industry Nine's wheels are much like SRAM's XX1 components -- they're both modern takes on traditional designs. Because XX1 thinks outside the box, it requires a specific freehub body. Industry Nine offers its XD Driver to convert any I-9 wheel to be compatible with XX1 cassettes. The XD Driver...

Price: $165.00

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Stan's NoTubes Stans XD Driver Stan's NoTubes Stans XD Driver

The good folks at Stan's NoTubes make it easy to convert your rear wheel to the new SRAM XX1 11-speed group with the Stans XD Driver for a fraction of the cost of a new wheelset. Just pop off your 10-speed freehub body and install the XD Driver. Stan's even included the drive side end cap for...

Price: $80.00

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