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DT Swiss XD Driver DT Swiss XD Driver

SRAM's XX1 11-speed drivetrains are becoming more and more popular, and that means the need for corresponding components is increasing, too. DT Swiss is right there with SRAM, and its XD Driver is designed to make certain DT Swiss hubs compatible with XX1. Just swap out the freehub body, replace...

Price: $53.50

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HED XD Driver Body HED XD Driver Body

If you're running a SRAM one-by drivetrain but aren't ready to surrender your top speed gears, the HED XD Driver Body will convert your wheels to accommodate a 10t cog. After all, what good is the simplicity and lower weight of a one-by setup if your top speed is hampered? The XD Driver features...

Price: $99.95

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Industry Nine XD Driver Industry Nine XD Driver

If you're into the new one-by craze but your Industry Nine wheels aren't up to speed, then the manufacturer of the same name has the XD Driver to solve your dilemma. It's aluminum, it's machined, it's already got bearings, pawls, and springs: it's everything you need to pop on a SRAM one-by...

Price: $165.00

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Mavic XD Driver Mavic XD Driver

The Mavic XD Driver allows you to use Mavic's Crossroc, Crossride, Crossmax, and Deemax wheels (2012 and newer) with SRAM's 1x11 drivetrain by replacing either the TS-2 or ITS-4 freehub bodies with the new XD standard, as required by SRAM's 10-42t 11-speed cassette. The Mavic XD Driver includes...

Price: $69.95

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Reynolds 27.5 AM LTD Carbon Wheelset with XD Driver Body Reynolds 27.5 AM LTD Carbon Wheelset with XD Driver Body

The mountain bike industry is prone to making radical changes almost overnight, many of which are destined to become passing fads or short-lived trends, and no particular wing of the industry is more susceptible to flavor-of-the-month syndrome than enduro. With the 27. 5 AM LTD Carbon XD Driver...

Price: $1949.95
Sale Price: $1049.95

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Reynolds XD Driver Reynolds XD Driver

The XX1 group fulfilled a lot of weight-loss resolutions when it initially dropped, shaving up to half a pound off of some machines. But it did come with a cost: a new driver to grant more clearance for the eleventh cog. There was a corresponding rush by wheel manufacturers to get on board the...

Price: $74.95

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