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3T ARX II Pro Stem 3T ARX II Pro Stem

The engineers at 3T aren't (quite) rocket scientists, but they do seem to recognize a solid design when they've produced one. We're pleased to report that the ARX II Pro Stem's popularity throughout the self-sponsored peloton hasn't escaped their notice, and it returns for another model year with...

Price: $79.99

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3T ARX II Team Stealth Stem 3T ARX II Team Stealth Stem

There's a time and a place for loud and flashy. Sometimes that place isn't the cockpit of your bike. The 3T ARX Team II Stealth Stem adds a touch of elegance to your cockpit with a subtle, matte black finish that downplays the Team stem's stiff, lightweight performance. The Arx II Team continues...

Price: $119.95
Sale Price: $95.95

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3T ARX II Team Stem 3T ARX II Team Stem

The 3T Arx Stem originally appeared in 2007. Since then this model has enjoyed continuous subtle refinement. The Arx II Team continues the original's tradition of simple, classic construction -- but with a design that drops grams from its already low weight. The 3T Arx Team II Stem takes the...

Price: $109.95

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