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Zipp Service Course Seatpost
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A two-bolt clamp assembly allows a wide range of angle adjustment for Zipp's Service Course Seatpost. So much so, that you can perfect your saddle tilt, and, once adjusted, the two-bolt assembly will simply not slip out of adjustment. But, that's not the extent of the Service Course's features. Zipp engineers paid special attention to the length of the clamp assembly. On the lower portion, it's designed to be a bit longer than what you might see on other seatposts. Essentially, this is to support the saddle rails if you favor to ride at the rearward position. And in this day and age of super-light rails, we view any extra insurance against damage as a welcomed friend. For this iteration of the Service Course, the seatpost forgoes carbon fiber in favor of a one-piece, 3D forged design. If you pay close attention to the Grand Tours, you'll notice that this is a reoccurring trend in the peloton. The reason is simple. For the cost of a few grams, the seatpost becomes stiffer, stronger, and more comfortable that its carbon fiber counterparts. In fact, we find that road vibration is better dispersed, while power is better conserved during hard seated exertions. The Zipp Service Course Seatpost is available in both 27. 2 and 31. 6mm diameters and in 330 and 350mm lengths. Additionally, it's being offered with either a 0 or 20 degree setback.