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3T Aura Pro Aerobar 3T Aura Pro Aerobar

The Aura Pro Aerobar from 3T tries to steal some thunder from their Mistral Aerobar. Upon first glance, the two look similar. They both have carbon fiber base bars and alloy extensions, and they both sell for the same amount. However, if you look at the weights of the two you'll see the...

Price: $364.99

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3T Aura Pro Aerobar 3T Aura Pro Aerobar

Time trialing is all about spending time in the pain cave, but it's a lot easier to suffer through it if you're in an otherwise comfortable position. And while the 3T Aura Pro Aerobar forgoes some of the adjustment found in the Italian brand's Mistral aerobar, there's still plenty of room for...

Price: $409.95

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3T Aura Pro Comfort 3T Aura Pro Comfort

If you love the proverbial pain cave, time-trials are a discipline you should entertain. And while the ride itself will be painful, your position shouldn't be. 3T's Aura Pro Comfort features the same geometry as the Aura Pro, with the added benefit of a more adjustable position.The Aura Pro...

Price: $409.99

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3T Aura Pro Comfort - Stealth 3T Aura Pro Comfort - Stealth

Your position on your time trial bike shouldn't be the reason the race against the clock hurts. The 3T Aura Pro Comfort - Stealth bars provide ample position adjustment so that you're able to customize your arm to bar interface. Your legs should be the only anatomy feeling the hurt.The Aura Pro...

Price: $449.99

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3T Doric Team Seatpost 3T Doric Team Seatpost

Seat posts are more important than mere team gear. We've noticed that pros often seem to forsake their sponsor's seat post for one of their own choosing. We don't know why this is, but close inspection has revealed that Campagnolo and Shimano posts don't seem to get on that many pro bikes. We...

Price: $169.95
Sale Price: $99.95

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3T Dorico Team Seatpost 3T Dorico Team Seatpost

The singular red stripe delineating 3T's Team series of components is an undeniably powerful statement. But there's something to be said for the raciness and sheer sex appeal of black-on-black that gets our hearts pounding. 3T is now making available their Dorico Team Seatpost in a finish that is...

Price: $154.95
Sale Price: $92.95

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3T Ergonova Pro Alloy Handlebar 3T Ergonova Pro Alloy Handlebar

While we don't hide our preference for shallow, non-anatomic bars, we understand that some folks don't agree. If you're keen on "ergo" bars, then you will want to give the 3T Ergonova Pro Alloy Handlebar a good look. 3T has lavished the same loving attention to this bar as it has with the more...

Price: $119.95

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3T Ergosum Pro Handlebar 3T Ergosum Pro Handlebar

Regardless of how much or how little time you like to spend in the drops, roadies who use integrated shifters can now attach them to the 3T Ergosum Pro Handlebar and easily adjust its reach and angle for a comfortable ride. This shallow drop bar's narrow radius was designed to fit brake-shift...

Price: $109.95
Sale Price: $65.95

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3T Extendo Pro Handlebar 3T Extendo Pro Handlebar

Bolt the 3T Extendo Pro Handlebar to your trail machine, and slap a wide load sticker on your back. These ultra-wide (740mm) bars have a 3mm eccentric clamping section so you can easily find an ergonomic and fatigue-reducing position that gives you the control and finesse to maneuver through...

Price: $74.99
Sale Price: $59.99

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3T Ionic 0 Pro 3T Ionic 0 Pro

Carbon definitely has a cool factor. But, sometimes you prefer to rely upon tried and true aluminum to support you. 3T's Ionic 0 Pro is identical to the Team version in every way, except that it features an alloy construction. Instead of the carbon used in the Team, Ltd, and Stealth versions, the...

Price: $119.99

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