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3T Aeronova Team Handlebar 3T Aeronova Team Handlebar

When designing the Aeronova Team Handlebar, 3T took the Ergonova's reliable carbon construction and slightly flattened top section and pushed it to the very limits of UCI compliance. The Aeronova's tops are a true aerofoil teardrop cross section, which fully complements the wind-cheating shapes...

Price: $349.99

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3T ARX Team Alloy Stem 3T ARX Team Alloy Stem

The 3T ARX Team stem is built to balance competing factors: It needs to be light, it needs to be stiff, and it needs to be immensely durable. Perhaps it's no surprise, then, that Arx is Latin for stronghold. Durability is its greatest quality. The ARX Team is forged to give its aluminum grain...

Price: $110.00
Sale Price: $55.00

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3T Doric Pro Seatpost 3T Doric Pro Seatpost

Support yourself with the 3T Doric Seatpost; the easy-to-use two-bolt clamp lets you dial the perfect bum-pleasing angle for optimum control and comfort.

Price: $84.95
Sale Price: $48.00

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3T Doric Team Seatpost 3T Doric Team Seatpost

Seat posts are more important than mere team gear. We've noticed that pros often seem to forsake their sponsor's seat post for one of their own choosing. We don't know why this is, but close inspection has revealed that Campagnolo and Shimano posts don't seem to get on that many pro bikes. We...

Price: $169.95
Sale Price: $99.95

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3T Dorico Pro Seatpost 3T Dorico Pro Seatpost

Getting its namesake from the ancient Greek architectural column, The 3T Dortico Pro Seatpost is as every bit as durable as the name implies. This handsome alloy seatpost will keep you comfortably balanced on your bike for years to come -- without costing you a race seasons worth of entry fees....

Price: $94.95
Sale Price: $90.00

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3T Ergonova Team Carbon Handlebar 3T Ergonova Team Carbon Handlebar

The Team level of the 3T product line, though somewhat less exalted in materials and finish than the LTD versions, is intended for top-level competition. In fact, 3T claims that most of their sponsored pros (think: Team CSC/Saxo-Bank and the Cervelo Test Team) use the team Ergonova handlebar with...

Price: $324.95
Sale Price: $140.00

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3T Ergosum Team Handlebar 3T Ergosum Team Handlebar

50 years is a long time to be building handlebars, and despite the fact that 3T has since passed that mark, its Ergosum Team Handlebar proves that the brand is committed to progress. Featuring 3T's wildly popular long reach/shallow drop shape, this handlebar blends classic good looks with modern...

Price: $300.00
Sale Price: $194.99

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3T Extendo Team Handlebar 3T Extendo Team Handlebar

The ultra-wide 3T Extendo Team Handlebar will give you the leverage needed for trail-owning control. A 12-degree rearward sweep and eccentric-to-central-clamping bar outer sections allow you to easily find a wrist-friendly position that'll reduce fatigue--and further enhance control.

Price: $144.95
Sale Price: $57.99

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3T Ionic 0 Team 3T Ionic 0 Team

If you want to match your 3T Team Brezza aerobars, or just like a bright stripe of color, the 3T Ionic 0 Team seatpost is the right choice. Designed with no setback, it provides a more aggressive, forward riding position and balances out the slacker seat tube angles that are becoming popular on...

Price: $159.99

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3T Ionic 0 Team Stealth 3T Ionic 0 Team Stealth

For a more aggressive riding position, or to simply counter-balance a slacker seat tube, 3T's Ionic 0 seat post features the appropriate zero-degree setback. It is lighter than a setback post and the saddle clamp has been reduced to a single bolt design for ease of use. 3T's Ionic 0 was...

Price: $174.99

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