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3T Brezza LTD II Aerobar 3T Brezza LTD II Aerobar

The 3T Brezza II LTD Aerobar is all that of their Team model, plus a few bags of chips. It takes the same design, but is made both lighter (by 47g) and stronger. The critical difference is that you get a high modulus carbon-fiber base bar with carbon-fiber extensions, as opposed to the Team's...

Price: $945.00
Sale Price: $566.95

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3T Doric Team Seatpost 3T Doric Team Seatpost

Seat posts are more important than mere team gear. We've noticed that pros often seem to forsake their sponsor's seat post for one of their own choosing. We don't know why this is, but close inspection has revealed that Campagnolo and Shimano posts don't seem to get on that many pro bikes. We...

Price: $169.95
Sale Price: $99.95

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3T Dorico Team Seatpost 3T Dorico Team Seatpost

The singular red stripe delineating 3T's Team series of components is an undeniably powerful statement. But there's something to be said for the raciness and sheer sex appeal of black-on-black that gets our hearts pounding. 3T is now making available their Dorico Team Seatpost in a finish that is...

Price: $154.95
Sale Price: $92.95

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3T Eryx LTD Handlebar 3T Eryx LTD Handlebar

3T has long been in the business of making innovative handlebars, staking their claim to the market in the early 1960's. That tradition continues today, though steel and alloy have fallen out of favor for their top-end products. 3T makes their top-of-the-line Eryx LTD Carbon Handlebar with high...

Price: $149.95

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3T Extendo LTD Handlebar 3T Extendo LTD Handlebar

If your gram-shaving singlespeed needs a handlebar, check out the 3T Extendo Limited Handlebar. Super-wide and ultralight, the Extendo gives you added leverage for lung-busting, knee-cartilage-grinding climbs. Also its eccentric clamping section allows for a wide range of sweep adjustment so you...

Price: $159.95

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3T Ionic 0 Ltd 3T Ionic 0 Ltd

Your speed won't be limited when you mount a saddle perched on 3T's Ionic 0 Ltd seatpost. Designed with no setback for lighter weight and a more aggressive riding position, it's also easily adjustable for exact saddle placement. 3T used a blend of lightweight and durable carbon and aluminum for...

Price: $269.99

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3T Ionic 25 Ltd 3T Ionic 25 Ltd

We find it a bit ironic that 3T's Ionic 25 Ltd seat post is made out of lightweight carbon. After all, the original Ionic columns were cut from nearly immoveable slabs of stone and marble. This new seat post embeds classic 3T design with its Difflock technology to create a new standard in, what...

Price: $269.99

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3T Stylus 0 Ltd Seatpost 3T Stylus 0 Ltd Seatpost

Forward and aft positioning on the bike plays a large role in how much power a rider generates. Although a more relaxed (slacker) position is more comfortable, if you want to generate maximum speed without the discomfort of sitting on the nose of the saddle, try a forward position using the 3T...

Price: $249.95

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3T Stylus 0 Pro Seatpost 3T Stylus 0 Pro Seatpost

The Stylus 0 Pro Seatpost falls under 3T's new zero setback post collection. The Italian component designer wanted to create a 'fresh new take on the 2-bolt seatpost,' which is exactly what was accomplished with the new post's clamping interface. This sleek design provides a solid, lightweight...

Price: $114.99

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3T Stylus 0 Team Seatpost 3T Stylus 0 Team Seatpost

3T describes its new Stylus 0 Team Seatpost as a 'fresh new take on the two-bolt seatpost.' We fully agree, as the sleek post provides a solid, lightweight pillar for mounting your perch, and it possesses the same classic styling that you've come to expect from 3T. The new Stylus 0 Team seatpost...

Price: $144.90

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