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3T Doric Pro Seatpost 3T Doric Pro Seatpost

Support yourself with the 3T Doric Seatpost; the easy-to-use two-bolt clamp lets you dial the perfect bum-pleasing angle for optimum control and comfort.

Price: $84.95
Sale Price: $48.00

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3T Doric Team Seatpost 3T Doric Team Seatpost

Seat posts are more important than mere team gear. We've noticed that pros often seem to forsake their sponsor's seat post for one of their own choosing. We don't know why this is, but close inspection has revealed that Campagnolo and Shimano posts don't seem to get on that many pro bikes. We...

Price: $169.95
Sale Price: $99.95

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3T Dorico Pro Seatpost 3T Dorico Pro Seatpost

Getting its namesake from the ancient Greek architectural column, The 3T Dortico Pro Seatpost is as every bit as durable as the name implies. This handsome alloy seatpost will keep you comfortably balanced on your bike for years to come -- without costing you a race seasons worth of entry fees....

Price: $94.95
Sale Price: $90.00

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3T Integra LTD 3T Integra LTD

As frame engineers continue to refine and rework their road frames and forks in order to build more aerodynamic machines, so too are component manufacturers going back to the drawing board in search of more efficient, wind-cheating designs. While we all know that the more accessories we bolt on...

Price: $365.00

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3T Ionic 0 Ltd 3T Ionic 0 Ltd

Your speed won't be limited when you mount a saddle perched on 3T's Ionic 0 Ltd seatpost. Designed with no setback for lighter weight and a more aggressive riding position, it's also easily adjustable for exact saddle placement. 3T used a blend of lightweight and durable carbon and aluminum for...

Price: $269.99
Sale Price: $256.00

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3T Ionic 25 Ltd 3T Ionic 25 Ltd

We find it a bit ironic that 3T's Ionic 25 Ltd seat post is made out of lightweight carbon. After all, the original Ionic columns were cut from nearly immoveable slabs of stone and marble. This new seat post embeds classic 3T design with its Difflock technology to create a new standard in, what...

Price: $269.99
Sale Price: $256.00

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3T Palladio Limited Seatpost 3T Palladio Limited Seatpost

Stop making compromises and see what happens when the 25mm-offset, carbon fiber 3T Palladio Limited Seatpost locks your saddle angle down to a half-degree. You know your saddle has a sweet spot, and the Paladino helps you find it and keep it there thanks to its DiffLock adjusting mechanism, which...

Price: $300.00
Sale Price: $285.00

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3T Palladio Pro Seatpost 3T Palladio Pro Seatpost

The 3T Palladio Pro Seatpost's alloy clamp was designed to solve the problem of sloppy saddle-angle adjustments. The Palladio allows you to set your saddle angle precisely and won't let the saddle slip, even if the mount bolts rattle loose. The 7071 aluminum shaft, and tough alloy clamp with...

Price: $109.95
Sale Price: $44.99

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3T Stylus 0 Ltd Seatpost 3T Stylus 0 Ltd Seatpost

Forward and aft positioning on the bike plays a large role in how much power a rider generates. Although a more relaxed (slacker) position is more comfortable, if you want to generate maximum speed without the discomfort of sitting on the nose of the saddle, try a forward position using the 3T...

Price: $249.99
Sale Price: $237.00

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3T Stylus 0 Pro Seatpost 3T Stylus 0 Pro Seatpost

The Stylus 0 Pro Seatpost falls under 3T's new zero setback post collection. The Italian component designer wanted to create a 'fresh new take on the 2-bolt seatpost,' which is exactly what was accomplished with the new post's clamping interface. This sleek design provides a solid, lightweight...

Price: $114.99

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