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FSA SL-K Carbon Seatpost
Price: $110.00
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Stiffness, light weight, and smooth ride are all tangible benefits of carbon fiber seatposts;, however, value often suffers in the pursuit of improvement. Thankfully, the FSA SL-K Carbon Seatpost combines race-ready weight and stiffness with a working man's budget, and doesn't sacrifice the characteristics that you need from your post. The SL-K Carbon Seatpost employs uni-directional carbon fiber construction to shed precious grams. However, that doesn't mean a thing if it's not reliable. Accordingly, FSA subjected it to the industry's toughest quality standards, CEN. You may have guessed that it passed with flying colors. The reliable two-bolt alloy seat clamp allows for micro-adjustments that are essential for perfecting your fit. The wall thickness and weave pattern provide plenty of damping to cancel out harsh road chatter, without sacrificing the rigidity needed for a hard push in the saddle. The FSA SL-K Carbon Seatpost is available in 27. 2mm, 30. 9mm, and 31. 6mm diameter, in zero-offset, or with 20mm of setback, and in the colors Red and White.