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WTB Rocket V SLT Saddle
Price: $150.00
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Who's going to argue with Steve Peat The World Champ rides a WTB Rocket V SLT saddle. So maybe he doesn't sit down as much as the rest of us, but when he does, this is what he plants it on. This curvy saddle harkens back to the glory days of the Concor saddle, but has greater width and more padding. One theory about saddle fit holds that the curves on saddles like the Rocket V SLT help keep one's body in the same position, being cradled in just the right spot. WTB people would also probably add that the width in the whale tail works well as an anchor point for those who like to sit back in the saddle when powering along. It has an embroidered leather cover (in contrast to the synthetic cover on the Team version) with reflective 3M rear corners and the DNA padding is ample enough to keep you comfy. Dimensions for the Rocket V SLT are 127mm x 258mm. It is available in Black and Silver/Black. The SLT is the lightest of the Rocket V line and features titanium rails to help keep the weight down. 215 grams.