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Selle Italia SLR Super Flow Saddle
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Whether you're ticking off mile markers on the pave or logging hours on ribbons of singletrack, it's essential to have a comfortable, supportive perch. And Selle Italia's SLR Super Flow Saddle answers the call by building on the classic SLR shape with an anatomic cutout that relieves pressure on your sensitive tissues. Factor in a sub-200 gram weight and two width options, and you have a saddle that's made for putting in long, hard miles. While the Super Flow maintains the flat, broad profile that's made the SLR a classic, it's the sizable cutout that both garners the most attention and earns the Super Flow its name. As with most saddles incorporating pressure-relieving cutouts, the idea is to channel pressure away from your perineal artery and the adjacent soft tissue. As a result, that pressure is directed to your sit bones (ischial tuberosity), which are far more adept at supporting your body weight. Additionally, they're able to do so without causing numbness during long rides. This principle is further supported by the wide cut out, as it removes pressure from the sensitive nerves in the region. For example,the pudendal nerve is a paired structure, with a left and right nerve. It is formed in the sacral plexus, and in simplified terms, moves down the body between the piriformis muscle and the ischiococcygeus muscles, eventually attaching to the ischial spine. From here it eventually enters the pudendal canal within which it divides off into several branches including the perineal nerve and the inferior rectal nerve. Keeping pressure off of these nerves is imperative to reducing numbness while riding. If you've ever been misguided enough to try a gel saddle cover, you know that a soft seat does not constitute a comfortable ride. That's why Selle Italia used a modest amount of sensibly placed padding in order to ensure your comfort after multiple hours in the saddle. In keeping with that theme, the saddle base is built from a nylon-based composite, which inc...