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Fi'zi:k Arione Tri 2 K3 with K:ium Rails
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The Arione Tri 2 K3 Saddle with K:ium rails is Fi'zi:k's entry-level, tri-specific saddle. But, that doesn't mean that it skimps on any of the design features needed for comfort, support, and weight-control. The Arione Tri 2 K3 shell has been optimized for the TT/tri position in order to provide support and comfort in the most powerful riding position. To accomplish this, Fi'zi:k used a variation of its Wing Flex shell, only adding a wider nose to accommodate the aforementioned position. This ensures that the sit bones are properly supported in the forward position. Additionally, a flexible thermoplastic and fiberglass composite shell prevents inner-thigh irritation without inhibiting your pedal stroke. That theme continues through to the wide and flat nose as well, due to Fi'zi:k's Microtex cover lacking seams where saddle position adjustments occur. This cover material is not only durable for the extensive miles that the Arione Tri 2 K3 will endure, but it also wipes clean with ease. Underneath the Arione, Fi'zi:k employs its proprietary K:ium rails. Essentially, these are a combination of metal alloys, along with a specific tubular design that increases fatigue resistance. The result are rails that're lighter than solid titanium, and with an incredibly higher strength-to-weight ratio than most alloys. Ultimately, this enabled Fi'zi:k to keep the Arione's weight around a race-worthy 235 grams. The Fi'zi:k Arione Tri 2 K3 Saddle with K:ium Rails is available in one size and in the color Gummy Black/gloss white.