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Fi'zi:k Arione R3 with K:ium Rails
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The Fi'zi:k Arione R3 with K:ium Rails uses a fiberglass and thermoplastic composite shell in order to provide one of the best stiffness-to-weight ratios of any saddle on the market. And not only is this essential for support, but its also a key component to the Arione R3's 'Snake' shell profile concept. Fi'zi:k refers to each level of flexibility as Snake, Chameleon, and Bull, with the serpent being the most limber and the ox intended for more muscular riders like Greipel. So, which one is for you Well, if you can easily touch your toes, then the Snake is your ideal saddle shape. However, if toe touching is as out of reach as a podium finish at the Tour, then a Bull designated saddle will support you best. But, back moving back into perspective, the Arione R3's Snake profile is narrow, and it's intended for riders who naturally position their sit bones to receive the most weight. For further support, Fi'zi:k's fiberglass and thermoplastic composite shell is reinforced with fiberglass in the rear portion where your sit bones reside. This provides a solid platform where it's necessary, not where it isn't. Surrounding, and in-between those pieces, is the highly flexible thermoplastic. This forms what Fi'z:k calls Wing Flex. Wing Flex allows riders of varying pelvis and thigh shapes to find a comfortable position on the Arione R3 for a nearly custom fit. It also assures that pedaling is as nonrestrictive as possible. Finishing off the construction, the shell has been covered with a Microtex fabric that's durable and easy to clean. The Arione R3 uses Fi'zi:k's proprietary K:ium rails. Essentially, these are a combination of metal alloys, along with a specific tubular design that increases fatigue resistance. The result are rails that're lighter than solid titanium, and with an incredibly higher strength-to-weight ratio than most alloys. This enables Fi'zi:k to keep the Arione R3 steadily under 200 grams -- a respectively light race-day perch. The Fi'zi:k Arione...