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Fi'zi:k Arione R1 Carbon Braided
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The R1 Carbon Braided Saddle features much of the same design as the 00, which sits atop the Fizik's Arione line. However, the R1 forgoes a few of the more costly materials (adding a mere ten grams to the R1) to provide you a pro-performance saddle that doesn't break the bank. The R1 features the same "Snake" profile as the 00. This profile is narrow and is intended for riders who naturally position their sit bones to receive the most weight -- a shape that is perfect for competitive athletes at the top of their game. To complement this profile, Fizik equips the R1 with its Carbon Braided rails. Fizik uses unidirectional fibers to add strength and absorb chatter all while keeping the R1 under 150 grams. In addition, the thermoplastic nylon shell that's been reinforced with carbon ensures a lightweight and comfortable saddle. The shell's nose and rear portion are built from carbon fiber, to provide a solid and lightweight platform where you need it most. Highly flexible thermoplastic surrounds these pieces, forming Fizik's Wing Flex design. Wing Flex assures that pedaling is as nonrestrictive as possible by allowing riders of different pelvis and thigh shapes to find a comfortable position on the Arione R1 saddle. To cover the shell, Fizik uses a robust and easy-to-clean Microtex fabric.