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Fi'zi:k Arione R1 Carbon Braided
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At the top of the Arione line sits the 00 -- a 135g carbon master piece. But, if you want to ride on one, you'll need to shell out four crisp hundred dollar bills. For only a ten-gram penalty, however, you can reap the benefits of Fi'zi:k's Arione R1 Carbon Braided Saddle, and still have enough coin left over for a UCI license and a race-entry fee. To keep the R1 accessible, Fi'zi:k forgoes the Mobius braided rails and Twin Flex shell in favor of its carbon thermoplastic composite shell and carbon braided rails. On the other hand, the R1 does retain the 00's 'Snake' profile. For some background, Fi'zi:k divides its saddles into three shape designs for varying flexibility -- it call this its Spine Concept. Fi'zi:k refers to each level of flexibility as Snake, Chameleon, and Bull, with the serpent being the most limber and the ox intended for more muscular riders like Greipel. So, which one is for you Well, if you can easily touch your toes, then the Snake is your ideal saddle shape. However, if toe touching is as out of reach as a podium finish at the Tour, then a Bull designated saddle will support you best. But, back moving back into perspective, the Arione R1's Snake profile is narrow, and it's intended for riders who naturally position their sit bones to receive the most weight. This shape is perfect for competitive athletes at the top of their game, and likewise, so is the ultralight and strong Carbon Braided rails. The weave is filled with unidirectional fibers for added strength and road-tuned dampening, while enabling Fi'zi:k to keep the Arione R1 securely under 150 grams. That's right, we said under 150 grams. Also adding to the R1's lightness, fit, and chatter-filtering capability is a thermoplastic nylon shell that's been reinforced with carbon. The shell's carbon nose and rear portion, where your sit bones reside, are constructed from carbon fiber. This keeps weight low, yet provides a solid platform where necessary. Surrounding, and in-between th...