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Fi'zi:k Arione 00 - 7x9 Braided Rails
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It doesn't get much lighter than 135g. Sure, there are saddles out there claiming lower weights, but we'd argue that they weren't built with the same innovative and purposeful construction as Fi'zi:k's new Arione 00. After all, numbers on the scale are one thing, but when it really comes down to it, the boss of the Arione family was engineered to deliver real-world results for the most demanding racing cyclists on the planet. At the heart of the Arione 00 is its one-piece Mobius carbon rail construction. This is a braided carbon weave that was filled with unidirectional fibers for exceptional strength and road-tuned dampening. Fi'zi:k took the braided Mobius platform and wrapped a rough carbon cloth material around the rails' clamping zones, ensuring both a secure bond between the rails and clamp, and to increase overall durability. The Mobius differs from the carbon braided rails found in Fi'zi:k's other saddles in that -- besides its new one-piece construction -- it was built with flatter sections on both sides of the clamping zone. In addition to reducing weight, these flat areas provide more vertical compliance than round rails, further increasing your comfort through the subtle flex they provide. Similar to the R1 and other Arione variants, the 00 retains the 'Snake' profile. For some background, Fi'zi:k divides its saddles into three shape categories for varying flexibility -- it calls this its Spine Concept. Fi'zi:k refers to each level of flexibility as Snake, Chameleon, and Bull, with the serpent being the most limber and the ox intended for more muscular riders. With this flexibility scale, Fi'zi:k is able to gauge flexibility and the body's correlating pressure zones in order to create saddles with appropriate support and specifically tuned flex characteristics. Based off of the Snake's flexible spine attribution, the sit bones manage most of the body's weight, with little pressure on the genital area. Accordingly, for the Arione 00, Fi'zi:k ap...