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Fi'zi:k Antares 00 Carbon Braided Saddle
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There's a truism that the harder you ride, the harder you want your saddle to be. Ride an exercise bike at 60rpm and 40% of your max heart in the gym while reading genre fiction and you'll want a la-z-boy disguised as an overstuffed saddle. Storm up a mountain at your threshold power while sucking down all the oxygen your body can find and you'll want something light and stiff, something that holds you in place without getting in your way. That's what the Fizik Antares 00 Wingflex Braided Carbon Saddle gives. While the braided carbon fiber rails underneath this saddle are obvious, and they offer a nice weight savings, that's not what this saddle is really about. It's about the carbon fiber shell. It's actually two layers of carbon-fiber sandwiching a thin layer of foam. This provides great support while allowing appreciable flex at the edges. Along with the WingFlex technology, this means that the sides of the saddle will move with your legs while the top will remain rigid. The shell is stiff. That doesn't mean it's lacking in cushion. There is 10mm of padding at the nose, where the typical Fizik has only 3mm. It's great for people who ride aerobars or on the drops regularly, or for folks who have a not-insubstantial saddle-to-bar drop. And the saddle is fairly wide at the nose, 45mm, where other saddles are barely over 40mm. The Antares 00 also employs a new super-light, high-density foam that feels effectively like 3. 7 times the padding of similarly-thick padding on other saddles. All of this makes the saddle great for those who find themselves sitting harder or deeper on their saddle to the point that a traditional racing saddle isn't comfortable. Let's revisit the rails for a moment. They make for a 30g savings, which equates to 20% of the saddle's overall weight. Not shabby. The rails are made from braided carbon and then wrapped with another layer of carbon fiber cloth for even greater durability as well as having a rough surface for easy clamping. Another...