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Shimano PD-M780 XT Race Pedals
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If you look around at any trailhead, you'll see a handful of colorful euro pedals, and a few American upstarts, but mostly you'll see Shimano SPDs, and you won't be able to tell whether they're six months old or six years old, for the most part. They're some of the longest, smoothest running pedals on the market, and their simplicity and reliability make them a favorite of mountain bikers everywhere. What you see here is a slightly updated, slightly upgraded, XT-level version of the venerable pedal. It gets a little extra pedal body to better support your foot (though not as much as the XT Trail version, since Shimano assumes you're mostly racing with these), and retains the Cro-Moly spindle, sealed cartridge bearings, and two-sided, mud-shedding design we all love.